About us

Maison Dahlawi is owned by Sara Dahlawi, a Saudi born perfumer who grew up with an affinity for luxury, especially the French taste in luxury.

Originally holding a Business degree, she graduated as a perfumer from Cinquieme Sens, a French perfumery school. In perfume creation, she found the connection to art that she always felt she had, especially music.

Through Maison Dahlawi, she now targets art lovers who are looking for new and different products to feel distinguished by providing them with sophisticated niche items that are made from high quality raw materials, and presented in prestigious packages. Her ambition is to expand into the world of cosmetics and furniture as well, aiming to lead the renaissance of the Dahlawi family.

Our Story

MAISON DAHLAWI is the story of a romantic dreamer impassioned for the world of travel and art. Born in a multicultural family of traders, Sara grew up fascinated by stories of faraway shores, unknown horizons,and endless dances of encounters and possibilities. Her sensitivity to artistic beauty and sensory experiences made her embark on a journey of art exploration. Venturing into painting and music, she only found her real passion when she discovered the world of perfumery. 

This world took her straight to France, where, after initially holding a business degree, she enrolled in the French perfumery school of Cinquieme Sens to graduate as an olfactory expert and perfumer. In perfume creation, Sara’s entire being is immersed, dancing to the smells of places, experimenting with the essence of lands and people, and experiencing her soul’s deepest feelings and aspirations.

Through her creations, she pays homage to what inspires her most: art. With an affinity to luxury, Sara celebrates in every bottle the artist, the one that inspires through passion and talent, be it the dancer, the musician, the adventurer, the traveler, the humanitarian, or the trader. By resorting to refined and rare materials carefully-selected and sourced from the four corners of the world, she concocts distinguished fragrances designed for the sophisticated, fragrances that transport their wearers to realms of romance, revelry, and artistry.

From France, Maison Dahlawi travels the world in Sara’s imagination to create unique prestigious perfumes that not only encapsulate the beauty and intensity of life’s experienced emotions, but also put the Maison on the international map of perfumes.