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Experience the magic of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia with Sara's Al Ula fragrance. Inspired by the lush oasis surrounded by golden sand mountains, this warm and spicy scent captures the prestige and majesty of this enchanting destination.
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Al Ula

Sara’s passion for discovering new places and smells sprouted in her own homeland. Her most fascinating revelation was Al Ula city in north- westernSaudi Arabia where a magical oasis awaits to dazzle the senses. Majestic mountains of golden sand surround a lush haven of towering palm trees, aromatic citrus plantations, and an abundance of myrrh trees thriving on the oasis’s natural springs. 

Every time she walks the ancient streets of this heritage site, Sara’s senses are completely enraptured by the shimmering amber majesty of these hills. Through a base note of amber and a heart note of myrrh coupled with benzoin and vanilla, Al Ula fragrance pays tribute to the native beauty of this oasis. Pink pepper and saffron are used to give it a spicy character. Its overall warm depth gives both men and women the feeling of prestige and majesty, reflecting the day and night of a wonderland like Al Ula. 

" Inspired by the mysterious and fascinating history of Al Ula, this perfume carries within it many exceptional and unspoken feelings. Its warmth, its energy, combined with modern aromas, all comes together to create the scent I've always been longing for."

Sara Dahlawi – Perfumer