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Experience the healing power of nature with Rêverie Inspired by a hiking trip through the stunning Andes mountains, this woody powdery scent is perfect for those seeking adventure and a connection to the great outdoors.
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Distinguished by the freshness of bergamot and lemon, Rêverie brings the scents, the peace, and the healing power of nature closer to one’s soul. Worn, it ignites the sense of adventure and inspires a love for the great outdoors.

Rêverie is the story of two men who crossed path and discovered their shared love for both the outdoors and South America. Reminiscing on the thrill of adventure, our two excitement-seekers decide to quench their thirst by going on a hiking trip in the Andes mountains, ready to be dazzled by new landscapes and scenery.

Inspired by the burgeoning nature, Rêverie perfume combines a bouquet of herbs, seeds and flowers in a woody powdery essence that concentrates the healing power of nature. Geranium, coriander, cardamom, carrot seeds, vetiver, tobacco, labdanum and amber meet to revive the senses and inspire of a safe haven where one can recharge and rebuild their dreams, just like nature always does.

" An assertive fragrance where the sweetness of powdery notes tames the virility of the woods."

Isabelle Ferrand - Perfumer